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About Me

"To Be Alone" - Paulo Zerbato/17

To know a little of my Biography I have a text in my Blog. Visit:

The materials I use for my work have been changing in the course of my artistic process or artistic phases. I used watercolor paint on canvas, drawing, wax chalk, ink, glue, collage, newspapers, cardboard, charcoal ... afterwards I was using drawing and digital collage. And recently I have been using digital collage, always with psychological themes treated surrealistically.

I draw and paint since the age of three. My first contacts with Surrealism were in school, in my adolescence, I was glimpsed by the works of Salvador Dalí, all the beauty, the symbolism of the images, everything was charming for me, from that moment and I adopted surrealism to express my ideas. And yet only at the Faculty of Arts did I actually realize my first painting on canvas.
I have always enjoyed reading and knowing about subjects related to the human psyche. About Psychology. Human behavior. I attended for a few years an Institution that studied, reflected and taught on Psychology, Anthropology, Meditation, Self Knowledge, Astronomy, and that deeply influenced my artworks. The knowledge I absorbed I tried to transfer to art... I "tried" to convey in my artworks the reflections on human behavior, the problems, the sufferings, the anguish, doubts, joys, the spiritual, the human evolution. Convert to images feelings, reflections, behaviors ... abstract things of our mind transfer to symbolic images.

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  1. Prachtige creatie Paulo, één met het heelal zo zie
    ik het. En mooi hier de ontwikkeling van je creativiteit
    te kunnen lezen, bedankt.

    Lieve groeten,


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