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Digital Art Discussion And Artwork by Paulo Zerbato

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What is YOUR favorite Art Form?

"Mother Earth" - Paulo Zerbato/98

"Peace Of Mind" - Paulo Zerbato/11

"Tree Of Dreams" - Paulo Zerbato/10

Digital Art Discussion And Artwork by Paulo Zerbato

“Digital art is a general term for a range of artistic works and practices that use digital technology as an essential part of the creative and/or presentation process. Since the 1970s, various names have been used to describe the process including computer art and multimedia art, and digital art is itself placed under the larger umbrella term new media art”.

What do you think…?

There are so many wonderful digital artist today, but today, I want to share some work by Paulo Zarbato; born in Brazil, this amazing artist has worked with many mediums during his artistic journey; from finger painting in the dirt of his yard as a child, to painting murals on the walls of a high school as an adult high school teacher. The work I am sharing is only a tiny piece of his amazing on line gallery of work (
These pieces: Peace of Mind, Mother Nature, and Tree of Dreams, are a few of my personal favorites. Perhaps because they tell a story that my soul can hear. I have found that the pieces I create are most fulfilling when I am able to capture the feeling I have at the moment and translate it into my art in a way that will tell a story that another’s soul will hear and respond to. My Lupus pieces do this for me; and I hope they speak to others who suffer from auto immune disease or any type of disability (Below is my “Tears for the Sun – A Self Portrait”).
What do you think of Paulo’s work? What do you think of digital art in general? Is the digital paint brush as effective as the traditional paint brush in capturing colors and telling a story?
I believe it is. I believe an artist can use any type of media available (even finger painting in the yard) to tell their story and share their visions. Some of course are more lasting; famous oil paintings that tell the historic story of our world have been lovingly taken care of and treasured throughout the centuries; today, we have digital media that will theoretically last forever. Will it be treasured the same way as the old masters’?
I know that for me, going to the museum and seeing the great works up close and personal (sometimes yelled at by guards for looking TOO closely) is thrilling. Will it be the same for digital works? I think so. I sell my digital art in the form of giclee (prints on canvas) and think they are beautiful (if I do say so myself). When printed on a high quality, textured canvas, you can see the brush strokes and blending of colors quite like that of a traditional painting. I can only imagine that the world of online artist palettes will grow exponentially over the next decade as this medium becomes ever more popular with young and old artists alike (much less messy).
I would love your participation in this discussion. Share your thoughts, pros, cons, of digital artwork versus traditional paintings and drawings.
Have a colorful day!
Judi Walters

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