quarta-feira, 8 de maio de 2013

Internet X Copyright

My artworks used in the internet, in Blogs, social networking and other media, without permission or mention the author of the work!

What the Law says about it:
"... Often, it is thought, mistakenly, that any content available on the Internet now belongs to the "public domain" and can be freely used. This is a mistake that has already brought serious problems to people who, through ignorance of the law, illegally appropriated texts, images or other content available on the Internet. More serious still is the appropriation and use of digital products marketable....." 

Text for reflection on the subject:

Please, when you'd like some illustration, and want to use to illustrate some text, poem, messages, etc .... please contact me via email:

Some examples of misuse:

"Tree Of Dreams" - Paulo Zerbato/10

"Open Your Mind" - Paulo Zerbato/10

I believe in the principles of Honesty and Respect!!!

Thank you very much!

2 comentários:

  1. Paulo Zerbato, como sempre um artista ótimo!!! Criativo e Renovador, com certeza entrará para á História Artistica.
    Abraços a você e família.
    De seu amigo Wildson Suzart.

  2. Muito obrigado pela maravilhosa visita e seu apreciado comentário Meu Grande Amigo e Artista Wildson!!! Obrigado por sua amizade! Grande abraço! Abraços a toda Família tbém!!!


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