quarta-feira, 22 de maio de 2013


Illustration for the Blog: Kushtrimthaqi

- Paulo Zerbato/11


Alone, in my room
i’m looking at my fingers
they’re five,
everything seems normal
except me, i feel kinda lost

I close my eyes,
my body needs to rest
my brain can’t think,
i shut my light
let it go, i blink,
i pass out.

In the passage of dreams
on that sneaky line
i start to fall,
everything seems strange
except me, i feel scared
i wake up.

I look at my hands
with anxiety and fear
instead of five fingers
my blurred eyes now see six,
i am shocked, terrified
i’m sick.

I close my eyes
only to find out
what was six, became ten
i’m losing it ,
i’m losing it all…
i wake up, i have slept again.

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