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The Hidden Light Of Existence

Illustration for the Blog of my friend and Great Writer Samuel CrossCrosstey
(Francistown, Botswana)


It is through realism of human foundationalism to with which understanding to the spiritual platform of existence is matured and groomed. The human foundationalism discussed here points out the whole portrait of human existence beyond the whole context of material sphere. There is more to existence within the whole idea of human existence entailed within the known or understood existence of our being. This is to further more explain a government of human mentality channeled to a world able to be expressed through art and creativity. What governs such mind set is not of the world we live but entailed within the spiritual context of existence.

In our deepest sleep, the mind is able to drown to a world beyond existence in which we also form part of but during the day that does not happen. Why don't you ask yourself a question of why does that not take course? It is due to the suppressed true inner spiritual existence self by the external environment that we make part of also during the day. This is to say that we live two different lives which is the spiritual and the materialistic environment. What makes people different from one another is their spiritual dominance intensity that governs their mindset. This furthermore drives us to a point to realize the artistic gifts and differences of human beings. Our spiritual dominance intensity is governed by the measure of Love we are able to hold which shapes and bold human foundationalism of existence.

A typical and clear example of human foundationalism is a newly born baby who is considered innocent. A human fabric of existence is of such context, this is to furthermore explain that man’s existence is build on Love but beyond that exists no man. With such pattern of existence spiritual dominance and guidance interlinked with our existence known as conscience is able to lead us and guide us.

The external environment is not supposed to have dominance over us but we are to have dominance over it towards shaping our foundational being of existence...."back to the roots”. These is furthermore exhibited by a change of behavior of a child as he/she grows up not to the betterment of being but to the worst hence de-positioning from  foundationalism of human existence "LOVE".

It is not a naked eye that artists use to manipulate theories that exist within the external environment into paintings but a spiritual one that houses Love. The same thing applies when manipulating the unseen by a normal living individual into the seen and realized of its existence. It is through art that we can realize the existence of some world that where not known of but by the artist. That is due to a tact relationship with the inner existing being.

Desperate We Seek Constellations In That Immense Sky Where There Is No Star. An artwork compiled by Paulo Zerbato is used as a clear example of how art connects with our inner true self of existence.
 Inspired by the poem of Vinicius de Moraes:

Furthermore my interpretation to this piece of work was that it portrays an invasion into a different world of spiritual existenc

……….......Be wise to find your true existing being……….........

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