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Mind Of Soul

Illustration for the Poem - Dön Stone aka Quillan

"Schizoid Personality" - Paulo Zerbato/10

Copyright © 2007-2013 by Quillan

Mind of Soul
4 February 2012

As a result of several recent conversations, this poem was written.

Alchemistic is the distance quaint distinctly
Exceeding usual ambits per unusual kismets
Possessing the fain pains and poetic strains
Thence the melodious odes fixed on odd modes
Sustained by moods fervidly, understood easily
By hearts then souls sensually of troubadours
Seizing doors ajar, thresholds to halcyon floors
Aspiring to aged tunes and croons languid
Lifting to lips quickened the wine sanguine
No longer barren the satiny fields as it yields
To her, later him, thus to them mellifluously
Mounting superfluously the voluptuousness
From libidinous converses to avid epic verses
A vinous transfusion from confusion to clarity
Where piquancy prurient carouses and arouses
Stirring, amalgamating a sweet kinesthesia
By aromas of candles blown and petals sown
Thus in dusk and musk the twain’s fingers
Linger so loiter on mortality’s quavering coil
Till foiled the world’s cacophonous ruses
Due to Love’s muses, and Ardor’s breath
Respires on Passion’s death, nape, and tress
Resurrecting to unrest their ambuscaded rest
Strewing vest and dress upon chair and bed
And in their stead and veins coarse the forces
She illumes by the white of fire’s inner flame
Thus tames monotony’s fiends and routines
Cuisines of ashen savors per bitter flavors
As her blaze ravages his soul, fazing the mind
With rare kinds of imaginations kaleidoscopic
Betwixt unorthodox hallucinations philosophic
Swaying stolid monologues to avid dialogues
Thus the lovely epilogues and emancipations
Abrogating vain masturbations regarded chic
Exalting forsaken consummations as orphic
She extends her hand, so he understands
He defends her task as she lifts the mask
Bored by him aversely, ah the burden of bards
Millstone of minstrels, torment of troubadours
And preponderant pain of cloistral clowns
Who frowns caustically upon Love’s realities
Yet in passionate actualities she breathes
In whispering swells as her breasts thus heave
Her words he inhales and hungrily receives
Sweating tints and verses upon flesh of canvas
O her mind of soul is the wine that consoles
Then bestows poetic epics and accorded tears

SCHIZOID PERSONALITY, by Paulo Zerbato (Brazilian artist, contemporary)

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2 comentários:

  1. Her mind is tepid with the words she has forgotten to let him know where she has gone.

    His body sways at the sight of her, yet he looses all conformity as she enters the room, half drunken from the party the night before. And as she stumbles into his arms, his strength is renewed.

    All is forgotten.

    All is replenished.

    All is.



    Very well done my friend!

  2. Wow!!! I loved your poem my dear friend Micros!!! Thank you very much!!! You very WELCOME!!! Always!


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