sábado, 9 de fevereiro de 2013

Matters Of The Heart

Illustration for the Excellent Poem of my dear friend and Great Poet Edafe Yarhere
(Lagos - Nigeria)

"Koinonia Of Ideas And Life Goals" - Paulo Zerbato/11

Matters Of The Heart

Once again i fail to realize
that you're the pillar i rely on
as time goes by
pride struck from within
leaving me in shattered pieces
vulnerable as the open sea

Oh each time i realize
i lived a life in paradise
“i had you,
and i lost you”
tears trickle down my eyes
dying a thousand death
living life full of regrets.

Of What need do i exist?
like a sudden plague,
my memory turns vague
a billion stars cannot be you
and now i know..
its impossible to be happy anymore

It's impossible to be happy anymore
the rose in me is forever gone
tangling my heart with knots of thorns
and now i know..
because of your departure,
my soul forever mourns


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4 comentários:

  1. A knotted heart, broken, not being able to move and mourning loss. Lost love, life or existence as the lowest of all common denominators, because, existence is the absence of the heart.

    A well done work that illustrates that of which the poem exudes.

    Good work.


  2. Wow!!!! EXCELLENT interpretation my friend Micros!! Magnificently you expressed in words the artwork!! Thank you so much for your visit and comment!!!

  3. Paulo

    Your work accompanied by text creates cohesiveness, much like what I do. Meaning, that I too accompany work with text.

    For instance, an older post of yours. . .Mikrokosmos, a fantastic piece. With text that provides the viewer with another way in which to view the art. Becomes more of a personal experience. More enriching.

    Be well. . .


  4. Hi Micros!
    How are you?

    Fantastic your reflection/suggestion my friend!!! I always try to put texts that address the same issues that my artworks! I would love to write them also, but I am not "good" with words, you understand me? I'm better at express myself by images!!! I noticed that you expressed very well with the "words"!! What do you think of a partnership?? Are you interested?? For me, It would be a great honor!!! I await your reply!!! (my e-mail:
    Thank you for your attention,

    All the best,

    Paulo Zerbato.


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