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Instagram Getting Greedy? Hubris Alert!

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"Self-Destructive Behavior" - Paulo Zerbato/10

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By jonhartl

The Telegraph reports “Instagram turned off support for Twitter Cards, which display photos and videos within tweets, on Sunday, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed...Twitter users are still able to post links to their Instagram photos, but the preview function within tweets has disappeared, meaning that users will have to visit the Instagram website or app to see the images.”

And there’s a nice radio piece on You and Yours on BBC radio 4 about the same here.

Is this good business for Instagram? Instagram has decided its symbiotic (parasitic?) relationship with Twitter has served its purpose and now, with 100,000,000 followers of its own it can afford to go it alone. But if that means inconvenience for users doesn’t it provide a space for competitors combining a mini-blog and Instagram style service to forge a place for themselves.

I suggest Instagram may be sowing the seeds of its own destruction and should perhaps heed the lesson of Yahoo that on the internet you are never too big to fail.


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