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CANTO XLIX - Fear Is A Thing Queer - Verses 1-3 (fragments)

Illustration for the Poem by Quillan

"Prison Of Human Desire" - Paulo Zerbato/11

Copyright © 2007-2013 by Quillan

CANTO XLIX - Fear Is A Thing Queer - Verses 1-3 (fragments)

Fear is a thing queer, steering clear or veering to rear
Per the wilted timidity, lacking vivacity along valor
Erewhile the tilted floridity, stacking vibrancy upon color
Rushing long on prey while hushing the tongue to say
The words unfamiliar, taking shape of things peculiar
Liken jejune wings yet flown, soon the dreams to roam
Then stones in heart, to hew and hone, hence to start
So cruel to sculpt and spool by kind tines and fine tools
To undo mercifully by hoe and strew graciously in rows
By June, the baroques of blooms mid sticks and pricks
O mortality’s symphony, poetry, artistry, and tragedy

Fear’s varieties twin to trickeries
By tyranny’s jesters and clowns
Festering the downing
Molesting the drowning
Detesting Truth for myriad of lies
So the mortal puerile forms
Forlorn then torn due to uncoiling
By providential foiling
Put asunder perniciously
Always under flagitiously the storms
O thunderous lore of saviors
Due to meticulous core of wars
Promulgated by perceived seers
To deceive then smear, thusly feared

(Sheen his flesh
As hair and tress enmesh
Taut by her quiver
His lyre’s passion-strings
Hot by lustful fever
Their covetous things)

Ontology absurd to amuse
Theology for herds so to confuse
Ideology or goddamn ruse
By prevailing fads, hailing the trends
To be sure fittingly
All are deflating currencies
Bestirred assuredly
Per the inflating actualities

The human desire, an undefined fire, by passions three
Love, Knowledge, and Pity charitably, saith sage and earl
As others hurl teapots cosmic, ignoring per rot the underscore
Forasmuch as Truth is consistent and simplistic, resistant
To popular lies and legal twins, if to defend, pearls descend
With swine o’er precipice, possessed still to dispossess
(Ah the cataracts on eyes by hangman’s veil that disguise
Slip of foot for one is precarious, for another, it’s hilarious
Harlequins by day, friendly fools, by night fiendish tools)
O the lucidity by love mid pain, the fatuity by lust for gain

PRISON OF HUMAN DESIRE, by Paulo Zerbato (Brazilian artist, contemporary)

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