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The Joke Writes Itself Really

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"Self-Destructive Behavior" - Paulo Zerbato/2010

The Joke Writes Itself Really
March 26, 2011

I was sent a story the other day that was so rife with irony, I was irresistibly drawn to create a hypothetical scenario to frame a logical analysis.

Imagine a fictional social site named Featherbrain. We will, for convenience sake, call some of the netizens of this site Anarchists.

The Anarchists always vigorously declared that there are no rules on Featherbrain, and vehemently condemned any suggestion that there should be. This is a common Internet philosophy you've certainly encountered before, and may in fact share.

However, say there is a certain long-standing practice on Featherbrain, considered by many to be undesirable. Some Anarchists have begun feeling the negative impact of this practice. They now declare with equal vigor that this practice is "unfair".

But clearly, "There are no rules on Featherbrain." and "This Featherbrain practice is unfair." are mutually exclusive statements. If the first statement is accepted as true, the only logical conclusion is as follows:


To read the full text visit the link:

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