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Sanity Related To Transcending Confusion: Bringing It Back To Life's Simple Evolutionary Tools

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"Peace Of Mind" - Paulo Zerbato/2011

In our current age, technology and the massive size of civilization itself have made complexity into a normal and constant experience within our everyday lives.
By Johnathan Raiss

With millions of humans being packed together in tight spaced mega structures known as cities, which require all goods (for the most part) to be mailed in over vast distances for citizens’ survival, along with huge fossil and radiation fueled energy systems required for transport, temperature control, and communication, along with an endless myriad of other factors required to exist in tandem with the prior, it is the simple truth to state that life has become inconceivably complex, and this trend is certainly not on a downward slope.

It is considered normal behavior to focus on multiple completely unrelated and extraneous subjects and phenomena all at once, even if one’s activity is geared toward relaxation. We have become numbed and used to the bombardment of information that hits us everyday through cell phones, television, the internet, etc., and for what is the use and benefit of this consistent attack on ourselves by ourselves?

Purpose in life, for many is the driving factor and/or inspiration for their continued effort at existence in this wild world. A purpose could be a reason to live for, whether it be religious-serving god or whoever, ethical-serving and helping others, environmental- preserving and appreciating the planet, or hedonistic-pursuing pleasure and experience for the sake of itself. All of us, even at our most suicidal moments have some purpose driving us, which whether we know it or not, is concurrent upon our understanding of reality.

Our understanding of reality may be that life is either carefree or harsh, full of love or dependent upon strife, equalizing or extreme, melancholic or exuberant to name a few. These may be over simplifications, but I have found personally that the process of description and analysis becomes a trap most of the time, rather than a tool. Yoga can be method of superseding the traps of the mind, and finding a calm source of clarity in the midst of the storm.


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