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The Equation

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"Greenhouse Effect" - Paulo Zerbato/2012

The Equation

24 September 2012
By Ivan Carswell

Take idiots out of the equation,
insert known facts, allow some
speculation on origins of exotic
beliefs and what have you got?

Obviously not much more than
what already is – but possibly
a place to start understanding
that which we now face.

So-called stupidity in high places
isn’t dysfunctional as much as
two faced when knowing where
the profit clearly goes.

Knowing who pays and profits
says why large scale resistance
to greenhouse effect’s wholesale
and effectively enduring

Call it global warming, climate
change, Gods Will if you must
but don’t descend to the pits of
blatantly scatological debate

Who’s to blame for an excess of
gaseous emissions is no contest
unless you’ve a way to make
bucks out of curing the ill –

Then you set yourself up as a
disciple for change expressing
Peoples Will self-righteously
and flaying the opposition

Sure – hot air well inflated, but
you’re showing where sceptics
daren’t go unless they’re paid
as they all claim

A right to be © 14 August 2012, I. D. Carswell

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