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Discovering The Magical Symbolism of Egypt

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Discovering The Magical Symbolism of Egypt

Egypt is a land with pyramids and colossal Pharaonic history. It is quintessential Mecca of mysticism and riddles. Every passage of history has been closely linked to the existence of supernatural powers, creating a universe populated by fascinating legends and myths. This universe is sustained largely by the magical symbolism of Egypt, and today we help you find out.

It is carrying a cross on the top circle, and represent the dawn and, consequently, the newspaper renaissance. Literally meaning “life.” This symbol belonged to the gods and royalty, who got to use the power to give and take life. It’s where comes the belief that the Ankh is the key to the gates of death.

A goddess represented by a feline figure, intended to protect the home, births and promised harmony and happiness.

"Eye of Horus" - Paulo Zerbato/2000

According to legend, Horus, son of the god Osiris, challenged many battles the god Seth, with the sole aim of avenging the death of his father. In one of the battles, Horus lost his left eye. Faced with this scene, the god Thoth helped him replace his loss by a magic eye, capable not only returned but also the vision to grant the power to resurrect the dead. This powerful eye became a symbol of protection, indestructibility and wisdom.

The Ostrich Feather
Symbolises truth, justice and balance. Egyptian symbolism appears in the feature as an icon of the goddess Maat. The myth tells that during the final trial the goddess took the heart of the deceased, who represented the conscience, and the ostrich feather, while to weigh in the balance. The deceased could earn credit for the kingdom of Osiris access only if his heart was as or lighter than the pen. Otherwise, the monster Ammut would be thrown to be devoured.

Khepri, the sun god, was depicted in the image of the beetle symbolised the creation, strength, transformation and rebirth.

Lotus Flower
The Egyptian hieroglyphics represented in a type of blue lotus, which travelled the same path as the sun. At sunrise the lotus emerged from the waters, and in the evening hiding under them. It was the perfect metaphor of rebirth and creation.

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