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Being Muslim In Malaysia Is So Wonderful!

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Being Muslim in Malaysia is so wonderful!

By Jahaberdeen Mohamed Yunoos

Musings on how wonderful it is being a Muslim in Malaysia with numerous religious departments, even more religious officers, and religious scholars in politics too – all selflessly ensuring Muslims will never have to pull a muscle thinking or go astray.
Someone told me I was wrong in thinking that it is difficult being a Muslim in Malaysia. So, I thought about it. He is right. It is wonderful being Muslim in Malaysia. I realised that we are the only country in the world where we have 13 muftis! Other countries have only ONE mufti per country but we have 13 which mean we Muslims are lucky. We are lucky because more heads are better than one right? We can get more Islamic knowledge and input. Is that not wonderful? Furthermore, with more heads, we do not have to use our head to think about all the "difficult and complex" shariah laws, rules, exegesis, etc. We can just leave it to the experts and we are left with more time for our lives. Is that not wonderful? Is it not wonderful that we also have 13 religious departments in every state to constantly remind us of what is Islamic and what is not? This shows how seriously we take our religion, as compared to other countries that do not have this many religious departments.

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