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Through The Eyes Of The Media

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"Laws" - Paulo Zerbato/2009

Through The Eyes Of The Media: The Employment Relations Law Reform Bill 

The Bill

During 2003, there were several media reports about a so-called forthcoming Review of 
the Employment Relations Act and an associated ‘fine-tuning’ to the Act. The Review 
appeared to be based on three different developments. First, the Department of Labour 
had launched several research projects to estimate the employment relations changes 
prompted by the Act (see the research report of Waldegrave et al. (2003) on the 
Department’s website: Second, a tripartite working party, which 
included employer and union representatives, had discussed ways of dealing with issues 
surrounding contracting out and business transfers. Subsequently, this led to the ‘transfer 
of undertakings’ provision. Third, the constant delay of rumored changes to the 
Employment Relations Act resulted in several media reports and it was speculated that 
the Cabinet was divided over the proposed changes (see Rasmussen & White 2004b)...."

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