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The Third - De(sir)e

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"Imposition Of Desires" - Paulo Zerbato/2011

The Third - De(sir)e
Posted July 24, 2012
By Arvin

Everyone has the desire to find a single constant in this variable reality we experience. Out of everything in this world, man fears uncertainty and the unknown the most. Yet his desire to grow draws him to experience more of this particular sort of fear. I surmise that this is because inwardly, he is driven to pursue those that he deems unknowable or beyond his person. He admits to his limitation, his finite existence therefore he tries to seek this “constant” from somewhere outside of himself.

Looking to our past, our history is filled with men and women who have left lasting impressions on our collective being. Their legacies exist because they too felt the need to answer to their burning desires. To answer questions that don’t have answers which can be found within the confines of their own little minds. We all accept and acknowledge the limits of our mortality. And in this acceptance we find the need to move beyond our current states and try to achieve a higher form.

We live the complex form of a binary existence. Most of the things we do are governed only by two choices – yes or no. But upon my reflection (and I believe that this is not unique only to me – as various people shared this sentiment in one form of another) another binary form we have to answer to is whether to believe or not. Man cannot continue living without believing in something. It can be an ideal, belief in another person, or in the self but he cannot go on without believing. Without this belief to hold on to, man is cast adrift in a sea of doubt. Doubts about worth, life, friendships and efforts. What can you be working towards without a staunch belief in a definitive goal? One that you feel cannot be touched by time and circumstance? A constant that’s waiting for you at the end of your struggles?

Although we wish for such a thing, we understand that goals and dreams often change depending on what we can and cannot do. But it doesn’t mean that investing in that belief is wasted, in fact, it empowers us to do much more.

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