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Oppression…Spiritual Oppression

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"Oppression" - Paulo Zerbato/2010

By: Jeremy Maddox 2012 

".......Here is a detailed account of the experience and the points that I rolled away with from this morning’s experience.

1. I noticed that the attack wasn’t violent per say. Some of the attacks I experienced as a student at Indiana State University were indeed somewhat violent. There, I’ve had what felt like burning hands covering my mouth and choking me at the throat. I was simply restrained in this attack as in “don’t go anywhere, stay put.” Stay in Indiana, work for the rest of your life, compete with your peers over nothing, hate somebody because they did something positive, lie about accomplishments, and wake up everyday envious of things that are superficial and useless.

2. The thing that spoke “oppression” in this spiritual attack was that as I was pinned and locked into place, the hands that were restraining me were cold. Very cold! To this date, I’ve never felt anything like that. A very strange cold is the only way I can describe it because you have to keep in mind that the room temperature was 74°F since we had the heat on with no type of cool/cold air circulating from anywhere.

3. This is the first time I actually struggled in an spiritual attack. Usually I can mutter Jesus or God, and the happenings stop almost instantly. This time, I didn’t immediately call on God, I physically tried to push these cold hands off of me and free myself to touch and get Jada’s attention who was literally less than 2 inches away from me. As I was trying to free myself, I was immediately and aggressively overpowered and put right back into position. At this point, I was alert and conscious, but not fully awake. I started to call the name of God out loud, but it actually started out and sounded like gah…ga…guh…gaa as I was being restrained with the feeling of a muted/muffled voice.

4. I was finally able to say “God” and immediately this oppressive “thing” lifted itself off of me. By this time Jada was awaken by my attempts to call out the name of God. She witnessed the last part of the episode and told me that she literally saw goosebumps rising on my arms where I explained I felt cold hands.

5. When I fully awoke, I started to pray out loud, and as soon as I was done praying the heater (which I believed to have created this atmosphere of the attack…long story, just roll with me) turned off in sync after I said “Amen.” Interesting.

In conclusion, I do pose this 3 tiered question, that there is most likely no answer for. The Church of God (national) is headquartered in Anderson, IN (central Indiana). The first part: Am I the only witness to this oppressive cycle in central Indiana, or is this a figment of my imagination locked away in my own mind? The second part (In assumption that others recognize this cycle): Is central Indiana oppressive because of the Church of God being headquartered there? The third and final part: Is the Church of God strategically headquartered in central Indiana as a response to the oppressive state of this region?...."

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