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03 It’s All Just A Game_3

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"Logical-Rational Compartments" - Paulo Zerbato/2011

03 It’s All Just A Game_3
Posted by nejeverni Tomaž

I was just thinking of a way to identify "the players" and I think someone already beat me to it. Because now instead of just metal detectors on airports they put in x-ray machines and infrared scanners, which means they can search for "players" on a mass scale. This would also mean that we are not all "players" in "THE GAME". Anyway, the thought came to me due to some movies that never quite left me at peace. Namely The Manchurian Candidate, The Truman Show and The Condemned. If you have players on the vast playground such as Earth, you would probably want to know where exactly they are. With this you can do many things, for example: monitoring via street, bus, security, cameras and satelites. As for locating the players I think we have a chip inserted in the exact same place as Denzel Washington in The Manchurian Candidate. As far as I can remember, a small lump under the skin above the shoulder blade has somehow always bothered me, I would like to be sure though. I just have to come up with a way to test this theory. I suspect a minute monitoring device is the culprit. As I mentioned before, all the security cameras put into place and still the numbers are growing, I would asume a "grand finale" due shortly. A new question arises now: "Who is here to monitor my/our progress and who is actually playing "THE GAME" and are they the same person/organisation"? This question is very hard for me, because it puts me back at "the begining" and thus have to rethink it all. The bonds that held me are slowly breaking. I am alone now and will start "playing" the game more actively. At least now I have a vague image of what "THE GOAL" of "THE GAME" might be. FINALLY.


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