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WonderBread and Idealism

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"Politics Without Idealism" - Paulo Zerbato/2011

WonderBread and Idealism
Written by layne

Everyone has their own reasons for why they vote a certain way. I’ve been a liberal my whole life. When I was 7, I voted for Michael Dukakis in a mock election at school because I knew my dad supported him. As a teenager, I grew to understand social issues just a tad more, and I couldn’t fathom a world where a woman wouldn’t be allowed to make choices about her own body. In college, I studied international relations, and in grad school, international conflict resolution. I became a pacifist.

My love for Israel never faltered, but I began asking questions (much to my Holocaust survivor grandparents’ chagrin of course). It’s like I love my brothers, sisters, and friends no matter what, but sometimes they do and say things, and I’m just like “What were you thinking!?” We don’t always agree with the people (and countries) we love, but we don’t stop loving them. We strive to help them become better. I came to realize that peace, not war, is the true sign of strength, and that men like Jimmy Carter and Anwar Sadat will forever be the heroes.


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