domingo, 27 de maio de 2012

A Splindlewave That Catches The Core

Illustration for the Blog: LEAFLET  I Think – Therefore I BLOG

"Knowledge Without Wisdom I" - Paulo Zerbato/2012

A Splindlewave That Catches The Core 
by Seyran Khalili

Oh shoot I’m back! Well I don’t quit that easily so you better buckle up and make room – this blog is going for a ride. So where to start? semester start? Just so you don’t think I’m all that little-miss-giving-apple-to-the-teacher-perfect-student I still haven’t had time to set myself into uni-time-mood.. I’m crossing my fingers for that it’ll show up sometime by tomorrow. Giving my self a heads up.

These past weeks I’ve been busy engaging in a new interview course given at my job as research assistant for The Norwegian Public Health Institute, named “Identity Status Interview Training”. I’ll fill you in all about it tomorrow – for now take a look at these photos ♥

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