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Play on Andre #27

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"Repression" - Paulo Zerbato/2009

Play on Andre #27

Writings by Jeff Lejeune

I am the starting point guard in our opening varsity game in the Iberville Tournament, largely because the football players are still locked into their season and our real starting point guard is the also the starting running back.
Before the game while we are listening to Coach’s pregame talk, I drift off into a strange daydream. Suddenly and without reason, I realize at some gut, soul, level, that although I am only a freshman and have a ton of time and games ahead of me, that that time in fact will be a blur. A blink. I am here now, and when I think of thinking about this again, I will be sitting in a similar locker room somewhere after my final high school basketball and I will look back at this moment and realize. I will realize how awesome and all-too brief it was.
I snap out of it when I hear Coach say my name. I have no idea what he has said to me. I say yes, sir as an educated guess and apparently his question was one to warrant that answer. But I am still wondering what he asked me or told me. I hope it’s nothing of consequence....."


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  1. It shows fear very well! Arianna

  2. Thank you so much dear Arianna!!! GREAT!

  3. Tu és um impressionista. Tua arte é simplesmente fantástica. Parabéns e sucesso. Grande abraço. Caso queiras conhecer meu blog, terei imenso prazer em receber-te.

  4. Muito obrigado querida Valéria Souza pela visita e por ses maravilhoso comentário!!!


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