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It’s All Just A Game_1

Illustrations for the texts written by Tomaž Žibert (Trbovlje - Slovenia)

"Complexidade do Pensamento 6" - Paulo Zerbato/2012


29.11.2009 at 7:00

Does it not seem absurd to you that there are 10 commandments given to us by “GOD” to follow all our life, which we mustn’t break, otherwise we shall be punished to suffer for the rest of eternity. Now if this is true or just something put in place to make us follow the rules of the game, will probably be discusssed later on.

Does the Bible and interpretations of “GOD” who he is and how he is and his granted almighty powers. That he can do very god things as well as awful things. For example: he is the only one who is granted the power to give and take life!!?? He is like the creator of “THE GAME” who is overlooking his game and all the players in it and as the number of “players” increases he loses (he lost) the ability to control everything which is why “THE GAME” is in such a state.


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