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Destroying Destructive Behavior

Illustration for the blog: My Epiphany Today

"Self-Destructive Behavior" - Paulo Zerbato/2011

Destroying Destructive Behavior

A dog, his owner, and their neighbor were sitting on the porch and the dog was whelping. The neighbor asked the owner why he was whelping and the answer was that the dog was lying on a nail. Why don’t you move him? the owner said "If he is lazy enough to lay there he is lazy enough to take the pain."

Just like the dog sometime we find ourselves laying on a nail, uncomfortable and crying out to God, "Hey, God move me." And God says "Hey, I gave you the ability to move yourself."

But alas we get stuck there in life hurting, and uncomfortable. Destroying ourselves. Ignorant of the fact that God has provided us with the ability to cease from our destructive behavior....."


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