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Climate Change Hoax Snows Taxpayers and Rains on Children’s Dreams

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"Oppression" - Paulo Zerbato/2010

Climate Change Hoax Snows Taxpayers and Rains on Children’s Dreams
By Ronald

".....The government happily accepts man-made global warming as fact and it continues to support any evidence gathered by its taxpayer funded studies. The theory, flawed as it is, provides a pathway to higher taxes and more government control of the industries most vital to our economy and national security. The taxes imposed upon the “evil” energy companies, like all taxes imposed upon business, are passed along to consumers in higher prices.
Unfortunately, the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) will likely get the budget increases it is looking for despite our recession bound economy, our already inflated fuel prices, and our rapidly increasing food and clothing prices. The plan is designed to promote the agenda: to drain the taxpayer and to lower our standard of living.The budget increases for USGCRP are critical to our government’s progression toward the New World Order and the One World Government. It will take a while for the snow-job to freeze the taxpayers’ minds and for the rains of indoctrination to soak the life out of our children’s dreams....."


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