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The Child in Me

"Knowledge Without Wisdom III" - Paulo Zerbato/2011

Poem by Edafe Yarhere (Lagos, Nigéria)

The child in me has been denied
Deprived by all my adult life
I lost the touch as i tread further on
It all becomes blur,
Life is complex, even more...

The child in me went down the stream
And all the places i had been
I still remember we played cops & robbers,
I had a team; we were young so full of it

The child in me is drown in tears,
Sent an SOS through the puppy in my tent
"how i wish he never grew up"
These were his words;
In the future we will be children again,
Life will be fun!

Pride of Orion

"Constellation of Dreams" - Paulo Zerbato/2011

The Fainting Star..

Stars glow at night
moon comes alive
I sat by the stream
under silver skies.

Observing the sky
I gazed at a light
twas Meissa!
a star of the night

Sad were her thoughts
'cause she's trapped and she's hurt
all her dreams did escape
as they float through air space

Watching her light twinkling down
dimmer and dimmer she becomes blur
do you hear her cry?
I do all the time
I'll find a way to make her bright


Poem by Edafe Yarhere (Lagos, Nigéria)

La Última Edad

"Deep Wounds" - Paulo Zerbato/2011

"La Última Edad"
(Earth Prelude)

Nature is wrath
We're the reason why she's hurt
Humanity turns barbarism
Civilization is dead and numb

Pains brings tears
Greed spills blood
Sarcasm and fanaticism
Heroes become history

Echoes of the past
Earth is hurt deep in her heart
All her glitters they turn dim
Now it's guns, bombs and greed

Behold the beauty that once is
"O you cause this wrath I bring"
Hear the thunders as they roar,
Blood of children spilled in war
See the storms, see the waves
Tornadoes and hurricanes

"I seized the peace the air once brings
My fury now is all you breathe"
Drought and famines, great earthquakes
"This earth cannot be whole"
A change must come
A change must come


Poem by Edafe Yarhere (Lagos, Nigéria)

domingo, 27 de maio de 2012

Eagles Soar High They Have No Limitations

"Eagle Who Loves Heights And Have Confidence In The Talon" - Paulo Zerbato/2011

Eagles Soar High, They Have No Limitations... 

I know an Eagle 
Who reaches the heavens 
Whose thoughts are path way to mysteries.. 
Ideas are placed in paintings 

I know an Eagle 
He see and learns from everything 
He stretches and he sketches 
Ideas are placed in paintings 

" PAULO ZERBATO"... An Eagle With No Limitations

Águias Voam Alto, Elas Não Tem Limitações...

Eu sei que é uma águia
Que atinge os céus
Cujos os pensamentos abrem caminhos para os mistérios ..
Idéias são colocadas em quadros

Eu sei que é uma águia
Ele vê e aprende de tudo
Ele estica e ele esboça
Idéias são colocadas em quadros

"PAULO ZERBATO".... Uma Águia Sem Limitações

 Poem by Edafe Yarhere (Lagos, Nigéria)


"Aesthetics Awakens The Ethical" - Paulo Zerbato/2011

By Edafe Yarhere (Lagos, Nigeria)

Mama Africa:
From thee I hail,
Thy soil sacred,
A land pure and free,
In thy arms I am tamed.

Mama Africa:
Rich in culture, rich in tradition,
Melodies of ease, remedies to heal,
Monuments and ornaments,
The land is green!

Precious is thy kins,
Feel the sun grace up our skin,
Your countenance is wild and proud;
But you grace our heart,
With tears and with smiles!

Africa my mother land!
Thy restless child roars in pride,
A king, a prince, a royal breed,
Daughters and queens, princes of peace.

Precious is thy kins,
Sold to merchants overseas,
Scars of history brings defeat,
Still we conquer as we breath


Quando o Jornalista se torna Notícia

Ilustração para o Blog: Diário do Purgatório

"Deprivation Of Freedom Of Expression" - Paulo Zerbato/2012

Quando o Jornalista se torna  Notícia

Tenho o privilégio de ser amigo do Ricardo Alexandre. Estou certo que, como profissional exemplar, não gostaria de se ter transformado em notícia. Certamente que o ar se tornou irrespirável, obrigando-o a não pactuar com decisões censórias. Para ele o meu abraço sentido e solidário.

A Grande Ilusão das Redes Sociais

Illustratio for the Blog: Zero 212

"Multiple Personalities" - Paulo Zerbato/2012

A Grande Ilusão das Redes Sociais

A ilusão tornou-se uma espécie de pão nosso de cada hora que nos alimenta e nos satisfaz da mesma maneira que uma droga. Como qualquer confusão dos sentidos que provoca uma distorção da percepção, essa deformação eventualmente nos serve como uma busca do ideal ou até mesmo como uma fuga aos desgostos da vida real.
O mundo está repleto de ilusões. Os mágicos utilizam cascatas de espelhos, janelas de fumaça e distrações para driblar o público a fim de fazê-lo acreditar no inacreditável. Durante o processo, mistificam toda a rotina, capturando a atenção dos espectadores, utilizando-se das ilusões para emocionar, cativar e influenciar seus seguidores.

A Splindlewave That Catches The Core

Illustration for the Blog: LEAFLET  I Think – Therefore I BLOG

"Knowledge Without Wisdom I" - Paulo Zerbato/2012

A Splindlewave That Catches The Core 
by Seyran Khalili

Oh shoot I’m back! Well I don’t quit that easily so you better buckle up and make room – this blog is going for a ride. So where to start? semester start? Just so you don’t think I’m all that little-miss-giving-apple-to-the-teacher-perfect-student I still haven’t had time to set myself into uni-time-mood.. I’m crossing my fingers for that it’ll show up sometime by tomorrow. Giving my self a heads up.

These past weeks I’ve been busy engaging in a new interview course given at my job as research assistant for The Norwegian Public Health Institute, named “Identity Status Interview Training”. I’ll fill you in all about it tomorrow – for now take a look at these photos ♥

quarta-feira, 23 de maio de 2012

Play on Andre #27

Illustration for the Blog: Lejeune's French Bread

"Repression" - Paulo Zerbato/2009

Play on Andre #27

Writings by Jeff Lejeune

I am the starting point guard in our opening varsity game in the Iberville Tournament, largely because the football players are still locked into their season and our real starting point guard is the also the starting running back.
Before the game while we are listening to Coach’s pregame talk, I drift off into a strange daydream. Suddenly and without reason, I realize at some gut, soul, level, that although I am only a freshman and have a ton of time and games ahead of me, that that time in fact will be a blur. A blink. I am here now, and when I think of thinking about this again, I will be sitting in a similar locker room somewhere after my final high school basketball and I will look back at this moment and realize. I will realize how awesome and all-too brief it was.
I snap out of it when I hear Coach say my name. I have no idea what he has said to me. I say yes, sir as an educated guess and apparently his question was one to warrant that answer. But I am still wondering what he asked me or told me. I hope it’s nothing of consequence....."


Open Minds vs Headlocks

Here is the official album artwork for the upcoming “Open Minds vs. HeadLocks” mixtape. Artwork was done by Paulo Zerbato and graphics and editing done by TechNik Music. 

Knowledge Without Action Is Arrogance

Illustration for the website: Encompass

"Knowledge Without Wisdom III" - Paulo Zerbato/2011

“Knowledge without action is arrogance.” – Imam Shafi’i

domingo, 20 de maio de 2012

Daily Inspiration 120 405: Paulo Sergio Zerbato

My artworks in the blog:

"In Search of the Soul" - Paulo Zerbato/2010

Erdheilung und Erwachen

Illustration for the Blog: Seelenlicht Channeling Blog

"Mother" - Paulo Zerbato/2011

Erdheilung und Erwachen

Ich erwähnte schon einmal, dass sehr viele Heiler unter euch nachts an den Gitternetzen der Erde arbeiten würden, um dem Netz und somit der Erde Heilung widerfahren zu lassen, auch das ist nach wie vor so, aber immer mehr richten sich Menschen auch rein geographisch an den Gitternetzen aus. Es gibt viele Orte überall auf der Welt, wo es “geballt” Heiler gibt, die mit vereinten Kräften bestimmte Punkte der Erde zu heilen suchen.

Das geschieht überall auf der Welt. Immer mehr Menschen sind zum Heiler berufen und erwacht, fühlen in sich den Ruf, dass sie einem bestimmten Weg folgen wollen. Nicht immer können alle dies, da sie zu sehr “gefangen” sind in ihren eigenen Emotionen oder dem Wunsch, wichtig sein zu wollen, ein Teil dieser Bewegung sein zu müssen, beachtet zu werden und daher eingeschränkt sind, da die Energien, die sie vielleicht haben und zur Verfügung stellen könnten, nicht selbstloser Natur sind und ihre Gefühle grundsätzlich eingeschränkter sind. Aber auch hier, wir richten nicht und die Menschen entwickeln sich alle unterschiedlich, so haben auch jene ihre Berechtigung.

Ganz konkret lasst mich jedoch erklären, was es mit diesen Erdgitternetzen auf sich hat und welche Auswirkungen jene auch auf euch in der Gesamtheit mit allen Energien, die um die und auf der Erde wirken, haben.

Der heutige Tag steht unter dem Wort „Verzeihung“

Illustration for the Blog: 
Spiritualität, die ins Leben führt. Ein transkonfessioneller Blog.

"My Heart in Your Hand" - Paulo Zerbato/2011

Ich geh’ mit Dir: 14tägiger Übungsweg. Tag 4: Verzeihung

Der heutige Tag steht unter dem Wort „Verzeihung“.

Writte by Giannina

Wie oft hadern wir mit Dir im Gebet. Wie oft sagen wir: wie groß kann wohl Deine Liebe sein, wenn das Leid auf der Welt so gross ist.
Am Leiden der Welt jedoch erkennen wir nicht, wie groß Deine Liebe ist – am Leiden der Welt erkennen wir, wie klein unsere Liebe ist.
Heute komme ich zu Dir mit offenem Herzen, und genug Raum sei darin, mir anzusehen wie es um die Welt steht. Und da ich mich als schöpferisches Wesen begreifen darf, frage ich mich: welche Schöpfungen trage ich in diese Welt? Mit meinen Gedanken, meinen Worten, meinem Tun? Mit jenem auch, das ich nicht zu denken, zu sagen oder zu tun wage?
Sind wir nicht Reisende? Und doch vergessen wir so viele unserer Gefährten.
Sind wir nicht Gäste auf dieser Erde? Und doch vergessen wir ihre Not.
Sind wir nicht Licht aus Deinem Licht? Und doch tragen wir unsere Finsternis in alle Winkel dieser Erde.
Ich möchte um Verzeihung bitten.
Ich bitte Dich um Verzeihung, Mensch, für jeden Schmerz den ich Dir bereitet habe. Ich bitte Dich um Verzeihung, Tier, weil ich so vielen Deiner Art zumute, ein Leben in Leiden zu führen. Ich bitte Dich um Verzeihung, grünendes, blühendes wehendes und fließendes Leben dieses Planeten, weil ich Deine Würde nicht genügend geachtet habe. Ich bitte Dich um Verzeihung, Du Ozean des Lebens, weil ich oft wähle, jener leisen Stimme nicht Gehör zu schenken, die mich immerzu daran erinnert, dass alles Leben heilig ist. Die mich immerzu daran erinnert, dass alles was ich wähle, alle betrifft.


Okkar Ko Ko – Throw the corrupt world into Repairshop

Illustration for the blog: MOEMAKA (stop) PRESS !!!

"To Corrupt The Innocence" - Paulo Zerbato/2009

Der -tückische- Wunsch Frei von Leiden Zu Sein

Illustration for the Blog: 

Spiritualität, die ins Leben führt. Ein transkonfessioneller Blog.

"Separation" - Paulo Zerbato/2011

Der spirituelle Überflieger – ein Mensch ohne Schmerz in der Magengrube

Nun sieht heutige Lebenshilfeliteratur das aber oft anders. Peinlich genau trennt man Mitgefühl von Mitleid, peinlich genau will man demonstrieren, dass man im Begriff ist sich des Egos zu entledigen oder sich bereits entledigt hat, mitsamt seinem Rattenschwanz an kleinen und großen Leiden. Gleichmütig will man wirken, stoisch dem Leiden entrückt, und die Geschicke der Menschen, Tiere und Pflanzen betreffen einen nur noch aus klinisch-steriler Entfernung.
Problematisch finde ich dabei, dass der diffamierte Verstand, der für etliche Leid-induzierenden Interpretationen verantwortlich gemacht wird, nun derjenige sein soll, mit dessen Hilfe wir uns aus dem Leiden wieder herausdenken. Man müsse ja die Glaubenssätze wie „Das ist tragisch“ bloss umdenken in etwas neutrales, wie beispielsweise „Das ist einfach so“. Weder aber kann man sich durch ausschließlich Denken in Leiden hineinbegeben, noch kann man sich durch Denken aus ihm herausbegeben. Der Verstand erschöpft seine Kapazitäten bereits beim Versuch. Warum? Weil der Mensch schlicht und ergreifend mehr ist als sein Verstand, und es ist keineswegs nur der Verstand, der für das Leiden zuständig ist.


Are You Trapped Inside Your Comfort Zone

Illustration for the blog: Head Trash

"Comfort Zone 1" - Paulo Zerbato/2011

Are you trapped inside your comfort zone?
Written by Alexia

When it comes to being awesome, one of the most important areas where your mindset can affect you, is confidence and self-belief. This is one of the major areas that we work with people on… they just can’t seem to escape thoughts like “I’m not sure I’m good enough to do that” or “I could never do that”. For people who are looking to improve their lot at work or in their career, this is a biggie, especially the case if they’ve identified networking and public speaking as areas that would help them to broaden their reach and increase their network.

Did you know that public speaking is the number one fear affecting people in the UK today? This is staggering considering that it carries no potential threat to human life or any other such danger, unless you count falling off stage as a reason to be scared. This popular fear is probably down to our early school experiences when we had to stand up and read out loud, often being mocked by other classmates, or even the teacher. And yet, this “educational experience” is now proving to be a significant Achilles heel in our ability to progress on our chosen path...."


WonderBread and Idealism

Illustration for the website:

"Politics Without Idealism" - Paulo Zerbato/2011

WonderBread and Idealism
Written by layne

Everyone has their own reasons for why they vote a certain way. I’ve been a liberal my whole life. When I was 7, I voted for Michael Dukakis in a mock election at school because I knew my dad supported him. As a teenager, I grew to understand social issues just a tad more, and I couldn’t fathom a world where a woman wouldn’t be allowed to make choices about her own body. In college, I studied international relations, and in grad school, international conflict resolution. I became a pacifist.

My love for Israel never faltered, but I began asking questions (much to my Holocaust survivor grandparents’ chagrin of course). It’s like I love my brothers, sisters, and friends no matter what, but sometimes they do and say things, and I’m just like “What were you thinking!?” We don’t always agree with the people (and countries) we love, but we don’t stop loving them. We strive to help them become better. I came to realize that peace, not war, is the true sign of strength, and that men like Jimmy Carter and Anwar Sadat will forever be the heroes.


Verbal and Non Verbal Language

"Verbal and Non Verbal Language" - Paulo Zerbato/2010

Ilustração para o blog CULTES

O CULTES - Cultura, Empreendimentos e Solidariedade - é um grupo do qual podem participar pessoas físicas (empresários, profissionais de todas as áreas, estudantes e pessoas com qualquer formação) e jurídicas (empresas, associações, federações, órgãos públicos, organizações não governamentais, hospitais, clínicas médicas e odontológicas, entidades filantrópicas, etc.). O objetivo é permitir que seus integrantes mostrem seus talentos, suas ideias empreendedoras, forneçam e obtenham informações e experiências profissionais, etc. 
Além disto, os integrantes poderão solicitar e contribuir para a realização de doações de sangue e de ajuda a entidades filantrópicas, publicar pedidos de informações sobre pessoas desaparecidas, e poderão mostrar seus talentos publicando poesias, pensamentos e, obviamente, qualquer mensagem que considerar importante.

Oppression, Work, Companionship and Position

Illustração para o Blog: Cross Connection

"O Peso da Opressão" - Paulo Zerbato/2010

Ecclesiastes 4:Oppression, Work, Companionship, Position

Climate Change Hoax Snows Taxpayers and Rains on Children’s Dreams

Illustration for the blog:

"Oppression" - Paulo Zerbato/2010

Climate Change Hoax Snows Taxpayers and Rains on Children’s Dreams
By Ronald

".....The government happily accepts man-made global warming as fact and it continues to support any evidence gathered by its taxpayer funded studies. The theory, flawed as it is, provides a pathway to higher taxes and more government control of the industries most vital to our economy and national security. The taxes imposed upon the “evil” energy companies, like all taxes imposed upon business, are passed along to consumers in higher prices.
Unfortunately, the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) will likely get the budget increases it is looking for despite our recession bound economy, our already inflated fuel prices, and our rapidly increasing food and clothing prices. The plan is designed to promote the agenda: to drain the taxpayer and to lower our standard of living.The budget increases for USGCRP are critical to our government’s progression toward the New World Order and the One World Government. It will take a while for the snow-job to freeze the taxpayers’ minds and for the rains of indoctrination to soak the life out of our children’s dreams....."


Science Feature: I Think, Therefore I Am

Illustration for the website: Science Fiction

"Cogito, Ergo Sum" - Paulo Zerbato/2010

Science Feature: I Think, Therefore I Am
Posted by Dr. Nigel Seel

I first met René Descartes’ famous aphorism, “I think, therefore I am”, when I was a young teen. Naturally I wasted no time in deciding that the Great Man’s thought was trite and glib, a maxim whose proper home was surely the tee-shirt. Later, at university, I took philosophy classes and was surprised to discover that there were people who thought they’d refuted Descartes. How on earth was that possible?

Monsieur Descartes spent his youth as a soldier, seeing action in many battles. Later, when he became an academic, he used to stay in bed ’til noon thinking deep thoughts. Doubt plagued him: how can anyone be sure of anything? As you look around, the things you see, hear and smell could merely be a dream or a staged virtual environment.

Descartes decided that the only thing he could really be certain about was that he was thinking at all. But if he was thinking, then surely he would have to exist in order to think. The very act of thinking proved that he himself existed: cogito ergo sum in his famous Latin formulation...."


Paulo Zerbato Artworks

"Express Myself" - Paulo Zerbato/2011

Trabalhos expostos no blog:

sexta-feira, 18 de maio de 2012

Direitos Autorais - Copyright

"O Peso da Opressão" - Paulo Zerbato/2010

Meu trabalho foi utilizado em uma publicação do jornal sindical CSP - Conlutas, para ilustrar uma matéria sobre "Opressões", porém sem os devidos créditos da imagem!! Infelizmente não foi a primeira vez que acontece e com certeza não será a última!!

Watching For The Storm

Illustration for the blog: A Time For Grace

"Gradually Falling Asleep In Apathy Of Unconsciousness" - Paulo Zerbato/2011

Watching For The Storm

Kind friends continue to touch base and ask, "How are you doing? How are you feeling?"

Well, most of this week, and especially last night, I have been going to bed super late! That often happens when Ruben works the night shift; but it also happens when I´m worried or preoccupied about something. I stay awake (often keeping busy with emails or following news on the internet) until I can´t keep my eyelids open any more...I think it´s a defense mechanism against thinking too much!

In addition to not sleeping much, I also haven´t been eating well this week either, another small way to try to control my circumstances. That symptom usually pops up when I´m under stress. While I´m not feeling particularly stressed, apart from any other normal pregnancy, these behaviors of mine reveal the concern that is mounting about the coming storm.

In these first days I have been pretty positive when I talk to people. It has been genuine, not contrived. Part of that is due to a real trust in God, part is due to the many prayers that others have offered for us, and part of that has been just a stubborn will and sheer determination to never drown in depression and grief again...."


Destroying Destructive Behavior

Illustration for the blog: My Epiphany Today

"Self-Destructive Behavior" - Paulo Zerbato/2011

Destroying Destructive Behavior

A dog, his owner, and their neighbor were sitting on the porch and the dog was whelping. The neighbor asked the owner why he was whelping and the answer was that the dog was lying on a nail. Why don’t you move him? the owner said "If he is lazy enough to lay there he is lazy enough to take the pain."

Just like the dog sometime we find ourselves laying on a nail, uncomfortable and crying out to God, "Hey, God move me." And God says "Hey, I gave you the ability to move yourself."

But alas we get stuck there in life hurting, and uncomfortable. Destroying ourselves. Ignorant of the fact that God has provided us with the ability to cease from our destructive behavior....."


Capitalism Without Capital

Illustration for the website: One Penny Sheet

"To Corrupt The Innocence" - Paulo Zerbato/2009

Capitalism Without Capital

Volatility is Back With a Vengeance


Volatility is back and stocks have started zigzagging wildly again. This time the catalyst is Greece, but tomorrow it could be something else. The problem is there’s too much leverage in the system, and that’s generating uncertainty about the true condition of the economy. For a long time, leverage wasn’t an issue, because there was enough liquidity to keep things bobbing along smoothly. But that changed when Lehman Bros. filed for bankruptcy and non-bank funding began to shut down. When the so-called “shadow banking” system crashed, liquidity dried up and the markets went into a nosedive. That’s why Fed Chair Ben Bernanke stepped in and provided short-term loans to under-capitalized financial institutions. Bernanke’s rescue operation revived the system, but it also transferred $1.7 trillion of illiquid assets and non-performing loans onto the Fed’s balance sheet. So the problem really hasn’t been fixed after all; the debts have just been moved from one balance sheet to another....."


Experiential Living: Life And Lemonade

Illustration for the blog: Sacred Space in Time

"Realization Inner Self of the Being" - Paulo Zerbato/2011

".....The transition from one perceptive narrative to another can be immediate or transitional, can occur in an instant or take a day, a week, month, year or decades. But whenever it occurs, at some point you stop and realize that you are not in the same place that you were, that you are not the same person that you used to be and that something happened at some point to make you different. Meditative journeys into Self confirm this realization and you begin to trace the path back, into your past, noting the milestones and important events that changed the course of your life to its present one, morphing your perception of yourself and the world into the one you currently possess, or are currently in the process of formulating through your own unique experiences...."


It’s All Just A Game_2

Illustrations for the texts written by Tomaž Žibert (Trbovlje - Slovenia)

"Design of Complex Structure 2" - Paulo Zerbato/11

It’s All Just A Game_2


The Truman Show
Fifth Element
The Wizard of Oz
Star Wars…

Listening to ABBA gave me the chills (The winner takes it all, The name of the game) let me remind you that by watching the video instead of just listening to the music one can get a totally different image. You must take into account that my thinking at that time was also totally different and I selectively heard something entirely different than you probably will now. We all know that everyone has his/her own interpretation of everything…

For those of us who like to play different games in “THE GAME”, we know that in a game you always have to choose a role. Is it the same way in “THE GAME”, are all the “PLAYERS” at the same level in “THE BEGINING”. It is probably analogue to choosing a character in a game, where each character has his strengths and weaknesses. The playing field was probably level for everyone at “THE BEGINING” but it seems “THE GAME” is designed to “EVOLVE”. In the many scientific and non scientific studies, papers, experimental work I came upon a study conducted on learning to speak. Two kids, one from China and one from England were raised from childhood both in China to see who would learn chinese sooner. It was asumed that the chinese child would learn chinese language faster than the english child, but they both learned chinese at the same time.


Read the text in full:

It’s All Just A Game_1

Illustrations for the texts written by Tomaž Žibert (Trbovlje - Slovenia)

"Complexidade do Pensamento 6" - Paulo Zerbato/2012


29.11.2009 at 7:00

Does it not seem absurd to you that there are 10 commandments given to us by “GOD” to follow all our life, which we mustn’t break, otherwise we shall be punished to suffer for the rest of eternity. Now if this is true or just something put in place to make us follow the rules of the game, will probably be discusssed later on.

Does the Bible and interpretations of “GOD” who he is and how he is and his granted almighty powers. That he can do very god things as well as awful things. For example: he is the only one who is granted the power to give and take life!!?? He is like the creator of “THE GAME” who is overlooking his game and all the players in it and as the number of “players” increases he loses (he lost) the ability to control everything which is why “THE GAME” is in such a state.


Read the text in full:

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